Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy Of Ukraine

at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

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The Language Training Center

The Language Training Center is the Academy’s division made up of the department of foreign languages learning and the department of testing and assessment of foreign language proficiency. The Center staff are committed to providing high quality language teaching and learning for specific purposes in order to meet the needs of diplomats, foreign policy professionals and civil servants engaged in international relations and foreign affairs. The core Language for Specific Purposes course incorporates modules in politics, diplomacy, economic affairs, legal and security issues. The Center also runs a series of tailor-made courses in public speaking and presentations, intercultural communication, and diplomatic writing. Testing and assessment conducted by the Center is an innovative tool to measure the foreign language skills and competencies of professionals working in diplomatic and civil service.



Head of the Language Training Centre

Nataliya  Shpak – Associate professor, PhD in linguistics, graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She has extensive experience of teaching English at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, International Management Institute ( IMI-Kyiv ). She has a Certificate of the Teachers’ Professional Development Course from Wolverhampton University (1989). She is a graduate of York University Security Studies Program in Foreign Policy Analysis (2002). She has broad experience of working as a translator and interpreter on various international projects.

1996 – June 2017 – Head of the Foreign Languages Department of the DiplomaticAcademy of Ukraine, MFA of Ukraine.

July 2017 – present – Head of the Language Training Center of the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She focuses her professional interests on innovative teaching methods and technologies. She authored more than 50 publications and three coursebooks.



The Professional Development Center

Professional Development Center is a division of Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine that provides professional training to the personnel of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Professional Development Center offers the following training courses, workshops and seminars:

– Introductory course for young diplomats;

– Specialized professional development courses and trainings for the diplomatic staff assigned abroad;

– Country studies courses for the diplomats assigned abroad;

– Thematic seminars to develop professional competencies of MFA personnel;

– Leadership and management training courses for the heads of the MFA departments.




Head of Professional Development Center

Mr. Kyrychenko joined the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine in 1998 and has been working as the Head of Profession Development Center since 2001. He has a M.A. in Foreign Policy from the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. He is also a graduate of York University Security Studies Center’s Program in Foreign Policy Analysis. Mr. Kyrychenko’s professional interests extends to various issues of world politics, global economy and diplomacy.

The Center for International Studies

The Center for International Studies is a structural unit of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. It provides research and analysis for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conducts independent research in the fields of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy. The main research areas of the Centre are European and Euro-Atlantic studies, energy studies, regional studies, and international security issues.




Head of Center for International Studies

Andrii Veselovskyi is chairing the Centre for International Studies since January 2019. He joined the diplomatic service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 1986 with his previous background as journalist and lecturer. Andrii Veselovskyi worked on political analysis and planning, European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and regional cooperation (Central and Eastern Europe, Black Sea region, South Caucasus, Middle East, the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, Central European Initiative, GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development). He worked in Guinea, Algeria, Canada, Egypt, Kenya, Sudan and was Representative of Ukraine to the European Union. Andrii Veselovskyi has a PhD in Political Science (Ukraine’s interests in the Eastern Mediterranean) and has a rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.


The Information and Resources Center

Information and Resources Center (IRC)  is a structural unit of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, which was found for comunicational support of Academy and  resource supply  of foreign policy activity of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The Information and Resources Center also includes a book fund, which consists of more than 18 thousand copies of profile literature in traditional and electronic forms.