Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy Of Ukraine

at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

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Cultural club

The image of the state cannot be formed without the use of communication strategies in the field of cultural diplomacy. Today the term “cultural diplomacy” has become quite widespread among cultural figures, researchers, journalists, and professional politician, representatives of various public organizations and agencies.


The main idea of Cultural Diplomacy is international communication through the implementation of cultural projects. Thus, a positive image of the country abroad is formed through the holding of exhibitions, presentation of publishing projects, organization of concerts, and cultural exchanges.


In order to study and spread modern Ukrainian culture and art, the Cultural Club was created at the Diplomatic Academy named after Gennadiy Udovenko at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in early October 2017.


The guests and speakers of the Club are representatives of contemporary Ukrainian literature and music; producers and actors; authors whose works have been recognized at the national and international levels.


The Cultural Club of the Diplomatic Academy is the meeting place of young diplomats, Ukrainian representatives abroad, with artists who are the faces of modern Ukrainian cultural diplomacy. The exchange of ideas and values during such meetings helps to strengthen the tandem of art and politics.


We are waiting for you in our Club!