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October 29, 2018 | The Cultural Club

The meeting with the professor of the Australian National University Elena Govor

On October 29, 2018, within the framework of the project “Cultural Diplomacy”, the Diplomatic Academy held a meeting with the professor of the Australian National University Elena Govor, author of the book “Falling Stars: The Story of Anzaks from Ukraine” (2017).


Deputy director of the Diplomatic Academy Ms. Natalia Shulga moderated the event. The event began with the congratulatory message of Australian Ambassador to Ukraine Ms.Melissa O’Rourke, who invited Professor Elena Govor to speak.


Elena Govor collected stories about 134 immigrants from Ukraine of different nationalities (Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, etc.) who emigrated to Australia for various reasons, and then volunteered to serve in the Australian – New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAK).


During her presentation, Ms. Elena Govor highlighted a number of interesting facts and personalities. The book (over 200 pages) is a thorough study with a large number of archival documents and photographs interweaving bright memories of the descendants of the Ukrainian members of the ANZAK


The Ukrainian Anzaks and their descendants are a little-known page in the history of Ukrainian-Australian relations. And although the modern Ukrainian community was shaped by a wave of political migration of 1948-1950, the Anzacs became the first Ukrainian settlers in Australia and their names are written on the walls of the Australian War Memorial.


Among the participants of the meeting were representatives of the diplomatic missions of Australia, Switzerland, Poland and Palestine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Diplomatic Academy, and invited guests.