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July 26, 2018 | Policy paper | CIS

The Policy Paper ''Current Prospects of Reforming the EU: Potential Impact on Ukraine''

The decade after the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon in 2007 was probably the most challenging in EU’s history. The financial and migration crises cast a shadow on the EU efficiency in tackling global challenges. The process of Britain’s exit from the EU raised fundamental questions about the future of the European idea itself. The desire to use the deep crisis as an opportunity to reach a new level of integration brought about several reform proposals from the EU institutions and from French President E. Macron. Which of these proposals were supported by the EU member states, and which ones were not? Will the EU be able to resolve complex issues in the near future and go forward to a new stage in its development? And how will Ukraine, in view of the internal dynamics of the EU, form its European integration policy? Answers to these questions you can find in the policy paper ‘Current prospects of reforming the EU: potential impact on Ukraine’, written by Nadiia Koval, Head of the Centre for International Studies, and Borys Zaitsev, Analyst of the Centre.