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Odesa Regional Office

Diplomatic Academy Odessa Regional Office was opened in February 2019 as a result of DAU’s efforts to
develop professional networks of diplomats and civil servants involved in the sphere of external affairs
and international relations both on the central and regional levels.
Odessa, Ukraine’s largest sea-port hosting HQ of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, Coast Guard
Command and Southern Regional Command of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, with its close
proximity to the temporarily occupied Crimea and strategically important cities on the Black Sea and the
Sea of Azov, was chosen as a location for opening of the first regional office of DAU in order to boost its
organizational development and reform as not-only government-centric institution but also as the one
with a regional dimension.

Currently, the activities of the DAU Regional Office are focused on providing professional
training for diplomats, local authorities and civil servants engaged in the sphere of national security and
foreign policy making, as well as networking with the leading universities, think-tanks and public
institutions in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.
So far, DAU has signed MoU with Odessa I.Mechnikov National University and Odessa Regional
Institute for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. There is also an extensive
cooperation with the Navy HQ, Coast Guard Command and Southern Regional Command of the State
Border Guard Service of Ukraine, offices of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Odessa and
Kherson, leading think-tanks and research centers in the southern regions of Ukraine.
The DAU Regional Office in Odessa also acts as a platform for informal expert discussions,
conferences and round tables on the major issues of Ukraine’s national security and foreign policy
agenda with the participation of political experts, opinion leaders and members of the diplomatic corps.
It is also the main organizer of the week-long intensive DAOS seminar (Diplomatic Academy Odessa
Seminar) for diplomats of Ukrainian MFA and other civil servants working in the sphere of international
relations and foreign policy.

In 2019 DAU activities in Odesa have been mostly focused on:
– organizing a series of trainings for the Departments of external affairs, international and interregional
cooperation of Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regional state administrations;
– a series of practical seminars and trainings for Border Guard Service, Coast Guard, security and defence
sector in Odesa and Vinnitsya regions of Ukraine;
– thematical briefings for the members of diplomatic corps accredited to Odesa (General Consulates,
Consulates, EUBAM, EUAM, UN and OSCE regional offices) on the major issues of Ukraine’s domestic
and foreign policy agenda;
– a series of public lectures, conferences and round table discussions in cooperation with the Friedrich
Ebert Foundation, Estonian School of Diplomacy, Odesa National I.Mechnikov University, Odesa
Regional Institute of Public Administration, Odesa and Kherson offices of the National Institute of
Strategic Studies under the President of Ukraine, analytical journal UA: Ukraine Analytica, regional
NGO’s and think-tanks
– organizing two week-long DAOS seminars (Diplomatic Academy Odessa Seminar) for diplomats,
government officials and security sector