Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy Of Ukraine

at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

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Центр інформаційних ресурсів

Nowadays the book stock of the Information and Resources Centre (IRC) of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine contains over 18 thousand volumes of professional literature. It includes scientific, popular science, reference, periodical, academic, information and bibliographical publications in Ukrainian, Russian and foreign languages (both printed publications and on electronic information carriers). Archive materials form a special part of the stock and include  masters’ and PhD dissertation summaries and abstracts as well as a personal archive of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (1994-1998) Hennadii Udovenko.

No less important is a collection of the library materials ranging from academic, scientific, thought-provoking  memoir literature based on the experience of world-famous diplomats to valuable presentation publications on the history and geography of our country signed by  the authors as well as books from personal collections donated to the library by professors, trainees and friends of the Academy such as Prof. Saprykin A.H., Prof. Humenyuk B.I., Prof. Shergin S.O., Tsivatyi V.H. and others.

The Information and Resources Centre uses the library automation system (LAS) “IРБІС64” – a licensed program product that meets international standards and supports all national bibliographic standards and formats, in the framework of which the Electronic library is being created: Electronic index and full-text databases.