Welcome Address of Director

Dear Colleagues!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the web page of the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine! Here, you can learn about significant educational, research and development, and international events and activities carried on by the Academy.

The Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine is a professional learning hub which provides opportunities for diplomats to upgrade their knowledge, improve skills and develop competencies in the field of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy. The primary objective of our activities is to create conditions for continuous professional education as well as foreign language training for the diplomatic service staff.

Every year, we organize for the MFA and foreign missions’ staff around 50 training workshops on a variety of aspects of foreign policy activity and conduct training of 8 foreign languages.

We also provide opportunities for civil servants of central and local authorities to enhance their professional skills in the field of foreign relations.

The Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine also offers a platform for experts to exchange ideas on the current issues of international relations and foreign policy.

We invite everyone who is engaged in the foreign policy of Ukraine or wants to become an expert in this sphere to get involved in the activities of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

Hennadii Nadolenko