Children’s Diplomacy unites the World

Today, DAU had an unusual guest – a 10-year-old volunteer from Japan, Mirai Shiraishi. At such a young age, she is doing an extremely important job – helping Ukrainian children who suffered during the war and telling the world about the consequences of Russian aggression.

DAU Director Hennadii Nadolenko warmly congratulated Mirai and her mother and thanked them for their charitable work and help to Ukrainian children. He emphasized that volunteering requires not only time and effort but also great willpower and dedication. The Director emphasized that Mirai is a shining example of an outstanding young person who is already taking on heavy responsibility and doing things that really change the world.

On behalf of the Academy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hennadii Nadolenko presented Mirai with books on the history of Ukraine and memoirs of foreign diplomats about the first year of the war.

Mirai Shiraishi’s visit to Ukraine took place at the invitation of a 7-year-old Ukrainian girl, Sasha Pascal, who became a victim of Russian aggression, and the charity foundation “Affected Children of War”, which jointly implement the project “Children’s View of a War Not for Children”.

The main goal of the project is to collect stories of children who were forced to leave their homes because of the war, were orphaned, and suffered physical and psychological violence. The results of the project will be presented in the format of an exhibition and auction in Japan and a film about the girl’s stay in Ukraine.

We wish Mirai Shiraishi every success in her noble cause.