Cybersecurity. Fighting Cybercrime

On 15-16 March 2023, as part of a joint project with the Trilateral Diplomatic Initiative, a training for diplomats and civil servants on “Cybersecurity. Fighting Cybercrime”. The training was conducted by Raul Rikk, Director of National Cybersecurity at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia for 2019-2022, and Markko Kunnapu, representative of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia.

During the two-day training, the speakers focused on the following topics^

  • Digital society – benefits and challenges, cybersecurity threat landscape, secure digital ecosystem;
  • National cybersecurity organisation – roles and responsibilities, coordination formats, development of national cybersecurity legislation;
  • National cybersecurity system planning process – policy, strategy and development programmes;
  • Strategic cybersecurity risk assessment, cyber incident and crisis management system, building a national cybersecurity capability structure;
  • Strategic approach to cybercrime, linkages with cybersecurity and other disciplines;
  • International standards on cybercrime – European Union standards, Council of Europe standards, the current state of discussions on the new UN Convention;
  • Inter-agency interaction and international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime, main problems and challenges in accessing computer data and international cooperation in this dimension;
  • Cyber security measurements and indices, current cyber security issues, prevention and awareness raising, etc.