Diplomatic Colloquium of the DAU and the Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD) “Current Challenges in Building Diplomatic Capacity in the Black Sea Region”

A diplomatic colloquium for representatives of diplomatic schools and foreign ministries of the Eastern Partnership and Black Sea region countries has started in Tallinn.

The event is aimed at reviewing current trends in diplomacy, their impact on diplomatic training and research programs, and discussing the security of the Black Sea region and European integration.

The first day of the colloquium was devoted to the review of the directions and peculiarities of the activities of diplomatic educational institutions of Georgia, Estonia, Moldova and Ukraine in the current conditions. Hennadii Nadolenko, Director of the DAU, and Ekke Nõmm, Director of the ESD, spoke about the activities of the DAU and the ESD.

The current security and geopolitical context in which diplomatic educational institutions operate was presented by Eva-Maria Liimets, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Head of the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans Strategy at the Estonian Centre for International Development, and Kalev Stoicescu, Chairman of the National Defense Committee of the Estonian Parliament.

The event was organized within the framework of the #TrilateralDiplomaticInitiative (TDI) project, an international trilateral initiative of Svenska Institutet, Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy and SAU, which aims to improve the skills of civil servants, Ukrainian and foreign diplomats in the field of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.