Online discussion “The Evolution of Digital Diplomacy” by communications expert Andreas Sandre

The online discussion “The Evolution of Digital Diplomacy” was held on December 1 within the framework of the DAI Intellectual Club. Andreas Sandre, communications expert, on the role of digital diplomacy and innovation in modern international relations:

I call digital diplomacy an art – the art of making the foreign policy less foreign and more accessible.

The era we live in is unique – it is an age of tradition, innovation, and “magic”.

Diplomacy is still very traditional. Digital diplomacy and technology as part of it have changed the way we shape our foreign policy priorities.

We need to think about digital diplomacy as the best way to communicate with a large audience. It is like the face of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the face of your embassy. It’s a place where people usually go without even going to your website to get information. Whether they trust what you publish there is obviously another question.

Diplomats can view the recording of the meeting on the Academy Online distance learning platform.