Open lecture by Dr. David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee

On October 7, an open lecture by the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Dr. David Harris, was held within the framework of the DAU Intellectual Club.

During the lecture, Dr. Harris told the participants about the current state of the transatlantic partnership, the challenges and threats of nuclear proliferation, and the role of social networks in modern foreign policy and interfaith relations. The lecture was accompanied by references to the history of America and the world in general, and some topics were related to the personal impressions of Mr. Speaker. Among them: the Holocaust, the events in Babyn Yar, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Special attention was paid to the Budapest Memorandum and its role for the present, and for Ukraine in particular.

A few theses from David Harris:

“I have a dream – to find a vaccine against antisemitism”

“I remember the events of the 60s. I went to school and sincerely believed that it would be my last day” – speaking about the Caribbean crisis”

“I am not a member of any political party. However, and sincerely believe in the values of liberal democracy and that only they can ensure equality and prosperity of the nation”

“We (AJC) were among the first to appeal to the Obama administration to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons to counter Russian aggression”

The event was moderated by Serhiy Khudiyash, the First Deputy Director of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.