Our 2020 in numbers

In 2020, the activities of the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine (DAU) were aimed at creating conditions for the continuous development of professional competence and improving the level of foreign language proficiency of diplomatic service officials in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The quarantine and restrictive measures introduced by the Government of Ukraine, predetermine the transition of the Diplomatic Academy to distance learning with new information and computer technology and frequent using own educational platform “Academy Online”.

During the reporting period, the DAU used face-to-face and distance forms to provide professional training of 597 officials of the diplomatic service, 432 employees of other public authorities, and language training of 400 diplomats, which corresponds to the planned volume of the state order for 2020.

The DAU Regional Office in Odesa had provided training to 223 civil servants of Luhansk’s, Mykolaiv’s, and Odesa’s region actively promoted the professional competence of public authorities in the south-eastern region of Ukraine.

During the year, the Diplomatic Academy conducted active scientific and communication activities.

7 scientific and practical events were organized and held with experts from the country’s leading research and analytical institutions. Topical issues of international relations and Ukraine’s foreign policy were considered.

In 2020, the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine with the participation of the expert community completed the preparation and presented the ‘Concept of Foreign Policy of Ukraine’.

We continued the development of international cooperation with leading diplomatic educational institutions and think tanks of foreign countries. 79 foreign diplomatic educational institutions are partners of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. With the assistance of foreign partners were trained 202 officials of the diplomatic service and 95 civil servants of central and regional authorities.

The Academy is expanding its presence in the digital space.

Diplomats and civil servants already use our distance learning platform “Academy Online”. 1634 people are active users today. There are 11 training courses available for them, 6 of which are with the possibility of certification.

The Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine sincerely thanks all those who supported our activities in 2020!

See you online and offline!