Presentation and public discussion on the new research of Chatham House in Ukraine

At the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given the research presentation, conducted by the Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House on the topic “Are Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Reforms Working?”. In the framework of a roundtable, the international experts and the invited guests evaluated the course of reforms, aimed at the corruption overcoming.

The event was opened by the welcoming speech of the Director of the Diplomatic Academy Sergiy Korsunsky and the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine, Eka Tkeshelashvili.

During the first session, the research authors John Lough (Associate Fellow of Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House) and Volodymyr Dubrovsky (Senior Economist at the Center for Socio-Economic Research, CASE Ukraine) talked about the nature of corruption in the state and the best ways to eradicate it.

The second part of the presentation began with the film demonstration, telling about the activities of the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre and analyzing the corruption phenomenon from the perspective of the Ukrainian citizens. The further discussion continued with the participation of Mykhailo Zhernakov (Head of DeJure Foundation), Ksenia Liapina (Head of State Regulatory Service of Ukraine), Oleksiy Honcharuk (Head of Better Regulation Delivery Office), and moderator Natalia Sokolenko (Hromadske Radio Journalist).

The event was covered by the independent Ukrainian and foreign mass media. This fact confirms the social relevance and the urgency of the addressed problematics.