Presentation of the Research “Russian Public Attitudes towards War: Why the Problem of the Russian Federation is not limited to Putin’s Regime?”

On July 14, the presentation of the research “Russian public attitudes towards war: Why the problem of the Russian Federation is not limited to Putin’s regime?” for Ukrainian and foreign diplomats.

The event was held in the form of a discussion, which was opened by the Director of the DAU, Ambassador Hennadii Nadolenko. The main results of the sociological research were presented by the authors, Oleksandr Shulga and Armenak Hovhannisyan (Institute for Conflict Studies and Analysis of Russia).

The experts spoke about the real moods of Russian society, attitudes towards Russia’s war against Ukraine, the dynamics of change and the general state of consciousness, and shared the public’s vision of the models of Russia’s relations with its neighbours.

The first wave of the all-Russian public opinion poll, conducted in December 2022, provided vivid examples of the fact that Russian society has a “torn consciousness.” Regardless of the term, these concepts cover the same idea: the simultaneous acceptance of numerous contradictory beliefs, facts, and explanations by a large part of Russian society.