Special Professional Program “Leadership and Teamwork”

On June 20-21, a special professional program for diplomatic service employees “Leadership and Teamwork” was held at the DAU.

The course was conducted by Oleksandr Sudarkin, PhD in Economics, MA in Psychology, Associate Professor and Director of the MBA Program at MIM-Kyiv Business School.

A few quotes from the speaker:

“The state of ‘professional burnout’ is a person’s unwillingness to do anything. It occurs if an employee does not understand his or her contribution to solving global work issues.”

“To increase the level of competence among employees, we need to pay attention to training… But competence is worthless without mutual trust.”

“In order to understand how to communicate with a subordinate, I need to first pay attention to what affects the employee’s productivity and adjust my style of communication with him or her.”

“The idea of unity of command: only one person can set tasks for me. I have to understand that I cannot be given a counter-task and be required to be smart and beautiful at the same time.”