Taavi Toom, European Integration Expert, completes training programme at the Diplomatic Academy

The special program of Taavi Toom, a lecturer of the Eesti Diplomataidee Kool/Estonian School of Diplomacy, the former ambassador of Estonia to Denmark and Poland, was completed at the Diplomatic Academy.

The lectures covered European integration, regional cooperation and features of the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP).

The main topics the speaker has focused on are:

  • The process of enlargement of the European Union, key stages and decisions regarding the start of negotiations on accession to the EU.
  • Estonia’s experience in organization, lobbying and information strategy during the accession to the EU.
  • The historical background of the North-Baltic cooperation, the combination of joint and separate institutions.
  • EU strategy for the Baltic Sea, informal and institutionalized cooperation within the EU.
  • The history and development of the Common Security and Defense Policy, its structure, bodies, main program documents and tools.

Political advisor to the Minister of Defense of Estonia, Martin Hurt, has also joined the program with a lecture on military planning and capacity development in the EU.