The interview is given by Sergiy Korsunsky for NATIONAL, one of the most influential political news magazine in Croatia

“For us in Ukraine, it is very difficult to understand why a country with the truly huge territory, rich with every natural resource available in the world is so aggressive vis-a-vis neighbors and paranoid with NATO. Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads, hundreds of ballistic missiles and still believes that Poland or Georgia, or Ukraine will attack Russia. This is simply ridiculous. But we have to live with this reality. They attacked Ukraine just because we wanted to become closer with the EU and attacked Georgia just because it (and Ukraine too) wanted to get membership action plan from NATO in 2008.”

The interview is given by the Director of the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Ambassador Sergiy Korsunsky for NATIONAL, the most influential political news magazine in Croatia. It’s about the future of the energy of Europe and Croatia and energy as a key tool for controlling the political and economic stability of the European Union.