The Policy Paper “Assessment of the international agenda in the south Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)”

The role of the South Caucasus in Ukrainian foreign policy is growing. During the last 4-5 years, Georgia and Azerbaijan managed to initiate and implement a number of projects, which in the nearest future (between 2020-2022) will transform the South Caucasus into a hub of trade and energy transit along the international routes “South-to-West” and “North-to-South”. The new regional and global positioning of Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as a new political reality in Ukraine countering the Russian aggression, encouraged Baku, Tbilisi, and Kyiv towards mutual rapprochement in recent years. Another reason for the South Caucasus to become one of the priority dimensions for Ukrainian foreign policy is Ukraine’s interest in new international markets and it’s inclusion in the system of global trade routes. The aim of this policy paper is to give a complex assessment of the current foreign policy agenda of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia for the more effective elaboration of the Ukrainian foreign policy in the region.

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