The public lecture of the professor of Keio University (Tokyo) Yuichi Hosoya

The First Deputy of Director of the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stanislav Proshko welcomed the First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine Daisuke Minamino and the professor of Keio University (Tokyo) Yuichi Hosoya, who delivered the public lecture on the topic: “The Path of Democracy in Modern Japan and its Diplomacy in East Asia.”

Professor Hosoya offered to the lecture audience to consider the process of forming of the democratic model of Japan’s development in historical retrospective, marking the Meiji Restoration as its starting point. He emphasized that Japan was the first state in Asia, modernized according to the Western patterns and which at the same time managed to preserve its own traditions. The expert also talked about the post-war strategy of the Japanese leadership, in particular the Yoshida Doctrine, aimed at the country’s economic reconstruction, which served as the basis for the Japanese economic miracle in the future.

After the presentation was launched the lively discussion on the priorities of Japan’s foreign policy course in East Asia, which engaged the employees from the subject-matter departments of the MFA, scholars, and students. In the course of debates was noted that Japan’s economic diplomacy plays an important role in the securing of peace and prosperity in the region.

The event was held with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine / 在 ウ ク ラ イ ナ 日本国 大使館.