The topic of the day: public diplomacy and strategic communications

Day 3. Spent the whole day talking about public diplomacy and strategic communications. What is the key to a successful interview? How to communicate with different audiences and convey your messages? Got the answers and practical recommendations from one of the most experienced and successful experts in the field – British media trainer Robert Taylor.

Together with the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, an expert in international relations and communicative technologies Mariia Zaiets talked about the key components of public diplomacy and new approaches in story-telling. Learned techniques of effective listening and systematic evaluation of the audience by the main communicator.

The lecture of the strategy adviser and the founder of a think-tank pro.mova Yevhen Hlibovytsky inspired self-reflection and a heated discussion on the Ukrainian public discourse.

Movie time – “Brexit” and everything you wanted to know about the information campaign prior to the referendum.