Ukrainian diplomats and civil servants visited Turkey to participate in the «Diplomatic Training Program»

On September 15–22, 2019, Ukrainian diplomats and civil servants visited Turkey to participate in the «Diplomatic Training Program». The visit was organized within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the MFA of Ukraine and the Diplomacy Academy of the MFA of the Republic of Turkey.
During the training program, which took place in Ankara, participants had an opportunity to meet officials from different directorates of the MFA of Turkey, to get acquainted with all the main areas of Turkish foreign policy, including the Balkans and the Caucasus as well as the Middle East and Africa, and to discuss regional security issues. Besides, participants had lectures regarding Turkish energy policy, public diplomacy, protocol rules and etiquette.
The program also included a practical-oriented dimension, which acquainted participants with activities of the Turkish governmental institutions in foreign relations. Particularly, Ukrainian diplomats and civil servants visited the Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). Participants became familiar with the activities of TIKA, they discussed the practical issues of interregional cooperation and the development of cultural and economic relations with Turkey.
Visiting the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities was also a part of the program. Among others, this state institution provides scholarships for studies in Turkey and cultural and educational projects to support related communities all around the world, including Crimean Tatars and Meskhetian Turks.
The visit to Turkey ended with a two-day cultural program in Istanbul.
We express our sincere gratitude to our partners – Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey – for the extensive program, which was held the second time this year, and to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey.