Three-day training “European integration of Ukraine”

On September, 16, the three-day training “European Integration of Ukraine” was completed. During the training, civil servants of central and regional authorities working in the field of international relations considered the following issues:

  • Ukrainian Government steps to fulfill the conditions of the EU membership;
  • Copenhagen criteria and peculiarities of the negotiation process;
  • Implementation of the Acquis and transition period of the agreements;
  • Digital transformation of Ukraine.

The speakers of the training were Natalia Forsyuk, Director General of the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Larysa Fedina, expert of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Keit Kasemets, political expert, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Estonia (2016-2022), and Gert Antsu, Director of the Estonian Centre for Eastern Europe, Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia for the Eastern Partnership, former Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine (2016-2019).

The event was organized within the framework of the Trilateral Diplomatic Initiative – an educational project of the Swedish Institute, the Estonian School of Diplomacy and the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

The development of professional competence of civil servants is the basis of an effective state.