Trilateral cooperation on climate, environment and agricultural diplomacy between DAU, FAO and UNEP in Ukraine

On 16 February, DAU Director Hennadii Nadolenko met with Mikhail Malkov, Coordinator, FAO Development Programme Coordinator in Ukraine, Jenna Jadin, FAO Strategic Planning Specialist, and Pier Carlo, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Representative in Ukraine. The Deputy Directors of DAU, Miroslav Denis and Oleksandr Kirichenko, also attended the meeting.

The following issues were discussed:

  • Creation of training courses on climate, environment and agro-diplomacy.
  • Organisation of educational and expert forums and conferences.
  • Strengthening institutional cooperation.

Hennadii Nadolenko

Our diplomats and foreign service officers should be equipped with the full range of theoretical and practical knowledge of environmental and climate diplomacy, so that together we can tackle the consequences of climate change in the world and hold the perpetrators to account for the environmental damage they have caused.

Jenna Jadin

Climate change affects everything from the economy to food security. Our challenge is to work together to reduce the impact of climate change.

Mikhail Malkov

We already have a number of successful collaborations with DAU and are ready to apply the positive experience to other equally important areas of work, such as water, environment, food and climate.