Two-day training “Leadership and teamwork”

Two-day training “Leadership and teamwork” is over On November 16, the two-day training “Leadership and Teamwork” was completed at the DAU. During two days, Associate Lecturer of SAU, Director of the MBA Program of the MIM Business School Oleksandr Sudarkin, spoke about:

  • leadership in different management systems
  • checking and setting realistic goals for the team
  • models of learning in the workplace, motivation and manifestation of meaning in work (“Compass of values”)
  • Model of asymmetric solutions in response to external challenges

Summing up the two-day training Alexander Sudarkin noted: “The main task of a leader is to create true professionals”.

And in order to be an effective leader it is necessary to follow 6 actions (according to the methodology of R.P. Pucelik)

  1. Do not criticize anyone publicly
  2. Keep your word
  3. Control negative rumors
  4. Start all meetings on time
  5. End them also at the appointed time
  6. Control the phone and everything that can distract