Ukrainian diplomats continue to develop intercultural communication competencies

On June 6 and 8, thematic training sessions of the special short-term professional training program for diplomatic service officials “Cross-Cultural Interaction: Africa and Latin America” were held at the DAU.

The training was conducted by Maryna Starodubska, Managing Partner of TLFRD Consulting Company, Professor of Kyiv Mohyla Business School.

During the sessions, the speaker reviewed the theoretical foundations of cross-cultural interaction, in particular, the theory of polyactive and reactive cultures, the so-called Lewis Model. A special focus was made on the cultural characteristics, national values, behavioral and communication patterns of decision-making in Latin America and Africa.

A few quotes from the speaker:

Cross-cultural studies allow us to expand the communication and interaction arsenal of our diplomats, because knowledge of the peculiarities of the mentality of other countries significantly shortens the path from the first contact to trust, from the beginning of acquaintance to cooperation. Ukrainians have many experiences with strategic countries and regions, which are more productive to discuss and rethink when you know how to build relationships.

Ukraine has always been on the frontlines of the movement of peoples, resources, and wars for different territories, so we have developed a complex and diverse national culture – adaptive to interacting with different mentalities and yet resilient enough to carry it through 400 years of trials. Cross-cultural science provides the basis for finding the best formats of interaction with different countries to convey information about Ukraine and its place in the international arena.