Англійська мова B1-B2



1. Listen and decide if the statements 1-5 are True (T) or False (F).

  1. The killing of George Floyd resulted in stealing goods from shops. T/F
  2. The impact of the killing of George Floyd by the police is felt worldwide. T/F
  3. It is common practice for U.S. embassies abroad to comment on domestic issues.T/F
  4. U.S. ambassadors to many African countries reacted to Floyd’s death with anger and dismay. T/F
  5. According to the news report, Security Forces around the world are above the law. T/F



Choose the best answer A, B, C or D. Only one option is correct.

If you ever asked someone for their mobile phone number and they said, “Sorry, I don’t own a mobile phone,” you … 1…either that a) they are lying or b) they are crazy.…2…seems hard to believe that in this day age there are people who don’t own a mobile phone, but …3…, those people exist, and I am one of them.

But why would somebody in their right mind decide to do something so contrary to …4…society deems so essential? In my case, it was more and by accident than …5…. One day I forgot my incredibly expensive phone in a bar and it just …6…. Then, as a way of punishing myself for such a terrible mistake, I decided not to get a new one for some time.

…7…a phone, I became fully aware of the extent to which such a small device rules our daily actions. My hand had to reach into my pocket hundreds of times before learning that there wasn’t a phone…8… in it. It was the first stage of my detox. Every 30 minutes or so, I was desperate to check what …9….in the world for the last 30 minutes –that was how often I …10…my phone before losing it. Little …11…that you can get separation anxiety from a machine.

In stage two I began to fill the …12…left by my phone with the simple little habits that we all used to have before our phones took …13…our lives. I started making uninterrupted eye contact when someone was talking to me, or making …14… with my co-workers, or looking through the window when travelling on the train, or even asking for directions and looking around while I was walking. By the end of this second stage, I was still suffering from …15…, but that didn’t prevent …16…that there was a whole world in front of me which I had never appreciated, because I had always been looking down.

In the third and final stage I …17… of my anxiety. Now I started to really enjoy my new-found freedom, the contemplative moments, the social interactions, the sunshine, the fresh air.


A. might have thought

B. ‘d probably thought

C. ‘d might think

D. ‘d probably think


A. It

B.  this

C. that

D. what


A. as a matter of fact

B. anyway

C. at least

D. incidentally


A. which

B. what

C. that

D. whose


A. will

B. design

C. purpose

D. determination


A. got stolen

B. to find

C. to be found

D. finding


A. Not having

B. Not to have

C. Not had

D. Not have


A. to have found

B. to find

C. to be found

D. finding


A. went on

B. would go on

C. was going on

D. had been going on


A. had been checking

B. had checked

C. would check

D. used to checking


A. did I know

B. I knew

C. I could know

D. knew I


A. void

B. closure

C. fullness

D. blank


A. down

B. up

C. over

D. on


A. small speech

B. small talk

C. big talk

D. big speech


A. anxiety

B. mistrust

C. assurance

D. composure


A. me realize

B. me realizing

C. I realized

D. me to realize


A. got rid

B. left

C. stopped

D. got stuck

18. We… them the invitations, but they still haven’t responded.

A. are sending

B. send

C. have sent

D. have been sending

19. Take a pullover in case it …

A. will get

B. is going to get

C. gets

D. will be getting

20. She was … to go out when the phone rang.

A. about

B. just

C. still

D. already

21. The cost of petrol has never been … as this before.

A. higher

B. as high

C. more high

D. this high

22. Jason offered … for dinner.

A. to pay

B. paying

C. pay

D. paid

23. It’s high time he … how to cook.

A. learns

B. was learning

C.  had learnt

D. learnt

For Questions 24-27, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word. Use TWO to FIVE words.

Example: It was the most relaxing holiday I ever had.


 I have never (0) “had such a relaxing” holiday.

24.It’s very difficult to predict the weather here.


The weather ………………………………………………………………… unpredictable here.

25.People say learning lists of words is not a good use of time.


Learning lists of words is ………………………………………………………………………. of time.

26.Mark complained formally when histraining course was cancelled.


Mark ………………………………………………. when histraining course was cancelled.

  1. “If you take my advice, Paul,‟ said Lynda, you should buy a personal computer.‟


 Lynda ………………………………………………… …………………. a personal computer.


Read about a proposal to build a solar farm near a British village called Barnley. Then answer the questions.

The Barnley Village Committee is opposed to plans to build a 6,890 panel solar farm on a 15-acre site adjacent to the village recreation ground, currently used for agriculture. Under the proposed scheme, the area will be surrounded by an 8ft-high fence. The panels themselves will be about 7 feet high.

The committee has already lodged an appeal to the local authority against construction of the solar farm. The councillors are due to meet on 13th March to vote whether or not plans will go ahead. Local residents are invited to attend.  Our objections will be presented before the board, and a representative from the solar firm SunGen will put forward the case for the development.

Residents are encouraged to voice their objections to the development. These must address the aspects of the scheme that violate the current planning policy. However, you are welcome to make your objections personal, by stating how the plans will affect you as a user of the recreation ground.  Some of the most common objections are listed below:

  1. The extensive views from the village and recreation ground across the open country will be blocked by the panels and high fencing. Furthermore, once the site has been built upon, it may be considered brownfield, thus an acceptable site for housing or industrial development. It does not, therefore, comply with the local policy which states that developments must not adversely effect on the appearance or character of the landscape.
  2. The recreation ground has recently undergone major improvements including a perimeter running track, new playground equipment and seating. It is heavily used by families, sports teams and dog walkers, and is regularly used for village events.  Cricket and football teams regularly use the recreation ground and it is not uncommon for balls to enter the field. Cricketers are worried that they may become liable for damage to solar panels. If teams are forced to relocate, this would adversely affect the character of the village, and may jeopardise participation in the children’s teams. This goes against the National Planning Policy Framework which requires developments to promote high quality public space andencourage the active and continual use of public areas.
  3. There has been no assessment of the extent to which noise from inverters and cooling fans will affect local residents.
  4. As the ground beneath the solar panels will be surfaced, there will be more additional run-off of rainwater. The recreation ground already has problems with drainage, and these may be exacerbated by this development. A formal flood risk assessment must be submitted.
  5. The lighting and security systems have not been outlined, it is not clear how the area will be made safe for children

1  What is the committee’s opinion of the development?

A. It is against the development.  

B. It supports the development.  

C. It is waiting for comments from residents before taking a viewpoint.  

2  The solar farm would be built…

A. on the recreation ground.  

B. in an agricultural field.  

C. on a brownfield site. 

3  Which of the following is NOT true of the proposed solar farm?

A. It will be surrounded by a high fence.  

B. It will comprise of 6,890 7-foot high panels.  

C. The solar panels will be placed directly on the grass.  

4  People who want to object the development are advised…

A. not to write about their personal feelings.  

B. to refer to the village’s planning policy.  

C. to send a letter in the mail.  

5  What is inferred about brownfield sites?

A. It is easier to get permission to develop brownfield sites.   

B. There are already too many brownfield sites in the village.  

C. A brownfield site is not a suitable location for a solar farm.  

6   Teams may no longer play on the recreation ground because…

A. parents will be worried about their children’s safety.  

B. spectators won’t want to watch matches at the recreation ground.  

C. players will be worried about damaging the panels.   

7   Which of the following is NOT true of the recreation ground?

A. It has recently received considerable investment.  

B. It is well-lit

C. It occasionally floods.


  1. You have been on an unsatisfactory language course. • Write a letter of complaint to the National Academy using the information below. Write 100-120 words.


Heaton School of English

accredited by the National Academy


Experienced Native English Teachers

No mixed ability classes

Focused Exam Preparation Classes: high pass rate guaranteed

High quality computers

with fast internet connections


My Notes

Young unqualified teachers

Poor pedagogy, no experience

My class: beginners with fluent English


No exam prep

Couple of old PCs



  1. Write a summary of the following text in English (90-100 words):

Проблема біженців у Європі: відсутність компромісу в ЄС та нові виклики для України

Упродовж останніх років міграційна криза в Європі не сходить з порядку денного. У питанні вирішення проблеми нелегальної міграції європейські країни розділилися на два табори. До першого належать держави, що не здатні витримати напливу біженців та вживають різноманітних заходів задля  того, щоб обмежити кількість мігрантів із країн Близького Сходу та Африки. Інша група країн, навпаки, прагне допомогти мігрантам знайти своє місце в соціумі, навіть незважаючи на те, що це несе за собою значні економічні витрати та загострює соціально-економічну ситуацію всередині країн. До країн ЄС, які не вбачають в імміграції злободенну проблему для власних мешканців, належать країни Балтики, Іспанія та Португалія. У той самий час, країни, що знаходяться в епіцентрі кризи біженців, зокрема, Німеччина, Італія, Угорщина та Австрія, вважають міграційну політику одним із пріоритетних напрямків своєї діяльності.

Нещодавньою спробою лідерів країн ЄС врегулювати міграційну кризу став надзвичайний саміт ЄС щодобіженців, що відбувся 28 червня 2018 року. У результаті напружених багатогодинних перемовин лідери  28 країн  ЄС  вирішили створити табори для перебування врятованих після переправи через Середземне море біженців у тих країнах-членах ЄС, які добровільно погодяться на це. Однак, укладений 28 країнами текст, що визначає нову міграційну політику в Європі, не дав конкретних відповідей на важливі запитання. Остаточна редакція Світового міграційного пакту буде прийнята 10-11 грудня 2018 року в Марракеші.

Наразі можна констатуватитой факт, що і Україна як частина європейського простору знаходиться під загрозою напливу нелегальних мігрантів. Голова Державної прикордонної служби України Петро Цигикал заявив кореспонденту Укрінформу: “Україна може найближ чим часом зіткнутися з проблемою різкого збільшення кількості нелегальних мігрантів, які намагатимуться потрапити до нашої держави будь-яким чином”.

Це пов’язано, перш за все, із транзитним становищем України, яким біженці можуть скористатися в якості плацдарму для міграції до країн ЄС. Більш того, загострити проблему нелегальних мігрантів вУкраїні може тенденція до обмеження кількості біженців, що спостерігається в європейських країнах. Таким чином, за відсутністю можливості скористатися соціальними благами, що пропонують ряд європейських країн, мігранти можуть податися на територію нашої держави, що, у свою чергу, загрожує погіршенням криміногенної та соціально-економічноїситуації в Україні.

(Матеріал взято зі статті Лери Сабурової для телеканалу “Прямий”: https://prm.ua/problema-bizhentsiv-v-yevropi-yak-odin-iz-viklikiv-suchasnosti-ta-shlyahi-yiyi-virishennya/ )


  1. Listening https://breakingnewsenglish.com/2006/200602-george-floyd.html
  2. Task 1. T
  3. T
  4. F
  5. F
  6. F












12 A 






18 C

19 C 

20 A


22 A

23 D

24 tends to be

25said to be a waste

26 made a formal complaint

27   advised Paul to buy