Англійська мова. Рівень B2



Listen to the description of Ronald Reagan.

Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Write T or F next to the numbers 1 – 7. Listen twice.

  1. Ronald Reagan worked as a sociologist and a radio broadcaster in Iowa. ______
  2. Ronald Reagan worked as an actor in Los Angeles. _______
  3. Ronald Reagan was a good public speaker. ____
  4. Ronald Reagan was in office for two presidential terms. ______
  5. Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular actors of the past 50 years. _____
  6. Ronald Reagan could show that he was very attentive to the speaker. ________
  7. People hoped for great economic growth under Ronald Reagan’s presidency. ______


Task 1. Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each gap (1 – 9).

The debate over globalization

Many people see globalization as a positive step that builds 1. _____ a ‘global village’ that greatly benefits from worldwide cooperation. Supporters believe that the development of a global economy makes the world’s standards of 2. _____ higher. They claim that, by reducing tension between governments, 3. ____ or later it can bring peace to the world. 

Opponents of globalization argue that the process enables nations that come 4. ___ power to take advantage of weaker ones. 5. ______ markets give excessive power to corporate interests, weaken labour protection, cut down 6. ______ services, andinterferes with the governmental processes of individual countries. Many people believe that globalization threatens democracy, because governments and voters do not determine certain decisions. In the end, it influences the way of 7. _____ of each individual. 

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, these 8. ___ and cons and related concerns led to antiglobalisation protests, where the opponents were loud and 9. ______ at high-profile meetings of economists and government leaders.

1. A. outB. upC. downD. —-
2. A. livingB. lifeC. liveD. lives
3. A. earlierB. earlyC. nowD. sooner
4. A. toB. inC. withD. at
5. A. independentB. freedomC. spareD. free
6. A. publicB. socialC. society’sD. community
7. A. livingB. lifeC. liveD. lives
8.A. forsB. prosC. forD. con
9. A. heardB. cleanC. clearD. sound

Task 2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.

DO NOT CHANGE the word given. You must use between TWO AND FIVE words, including the word given.

10. It is five months since I spoke to Jack


I _________________ five months.

11. I only learnt to use the E-Consulate programme because you taught me.


I _________________________to use the E-Consulate programme if you hadn’t taught me.

12. Can I bring my colleague to the party?


Do ____________ my colleague to the party?

13. You ought to go through a complex procedure to get a political asylum.


You won’t get a political asylum ________________ a complex procedure. 

14. A cover letter should accompany your application.


Your application ___________________________ a cover letter.

15. “ Do you work in the central office?” – he asked me.


He ______________________________ in the central office.


Read the text and do the task below.

How the Internet is changing lives forever

1. These days with inexpensive air travel, mobile phones, email and the Internet, we see the world as a smaller place than it appeared to our predecessors. Of these innovations The Internet appears to be the one with the most potential for global influence, and which will change lives the most.

2. For example, up until recently friendships developed over a lifetime but that has now changed. People often made friends locally at school and continued those friendships into adulthood, but many young people today find the majority of their friendships over the Internet. This is not restricted to teenagers. Paula Sen, who has just turned 30, says: “I ‘ve met most of my best friends over the Internet, through common interest forums. I couldn’t live without the Internet. It’s my lifeline.”

3. The Internet has also greatly influenced how people buy and sell goods. International Internet shopping is now common, with people buying all sorts of goods from sites such as Amazon, the most successful online retail site. The international auction site eBay allows millions of participants to buy from and sell to strangers, setting their own price. But beware – there are as many unscrupulous sales people online as on the high street. 

4. One of the Internet’s greatest success stories is Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, which is compiled and updated by its users. It carries far more content than any other encyclopedia and is a great starting point for research, but remember to double – check important facts as it does contain errors. If you don’t have time to check your facts, consider purchasing a reliable online encyclopedia such as the Encyclopedia Britannica. The other major information resource on the Internet is Google, a search engine which finds and ranks web pages according to the number of links made to them.

5. Probably the biggest impact that the Internet has had is the way in which it has influenced social networking. The most frequently ‘googled’ word in the world recently was Bedo – the social networking site – followed by MySpace. People can meet new friends through sites like these, they can review all acquaintances through site like Friends Reunited and they can also play games with each other in virtual worlds such  as Second Life. This Internet-based, three-dimensional virtual world is ‘inhabited’ by more that 6.6 million residents from around the world and global companies such as adidas and Toyota even have outlets there.

6. It’s now much easier to share experience with others too. Sites such as YouTube allow people to upload and share videos, with unlikely clips becoming huge hits and a number of figures becoming Internet phenomena. Many people remember watching ‘sabre boy’ wielding an imaginary light-sabre, and laughing out loud at his antics.

7. Much of the power of the Internet lies in the fact that people are developing new ways to be creative and innovative, combining ideas and skills without an organization or hierarchy. No one is in overall control. Collective creativity and collaboration are the key ideas. But even more powerful than this is its power to solve crimes, help change the world through giving to charities on sites like justgiving.com or find missing individuals: one website for a missing child was visited by over 40 million people within days of its being set up. 

Find the best headline for each paragraph (1-7) There are some extra headlines. 

A. A new way of building up bonds

B. Relations that do not last long

C. Space for interaction

D. A platform to exchange knowledge and skills

E. The development which can have the greatest impact

F. The power to introduce positive change

G. Making new nets to communicate

H. Business on the Internet can be unreliable

I. Information source that can be questionable

J. Creative power without overall control


Task 1. Translate into Ukrainian

U.S. and Japan can take their time on China

The United States and Japan may soon have an improved joint plan to counter China’s influence. President Joe Biden chose Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese prime minister, as his first in-person meeting with a world leader. It’s still politically thorny for America to rejoin the reconfigured Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. […] 

The current grouping, with Canada and Australia the largest economies after Japan, is too small to be much of a counterweight to China. The countries make up 13% of global GDP […]. The recent China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership includes almost 30% of the world’s output. […]

Washington can add its own imprint on the labor and environmental fronts. That’s what got Democrats on board with a revised trade deal with Canada and Mexico. […]Meanwhile, Chinese officials have expressed interest in joining. The United States has time to beat them to the punch.

Task 2. Write a summary of the following text in English (80-90 words).

Час для прискорення: як розвиватимуться торговельні відносини України та Британії

Кетрін Меєр – баронеса, спецпосланниця прем’єр-міністра Великої Британії з питань торгівлі з Україною

Напередодні історичного візиту президента Зеленського до Лондона в жовтні 2020 року британський прем’єр-міністр Борис Джонсон призначив мене першою в історії торговою посланницею Великої Британії в Україні. Моя роль як торгової представниці полягає у тому, щоб відкривати двері для британських товарів та послуг. Тепер, коли Сполучене Королівство покинуло ЄС, ми будемо ще більше працювати над розвитком взаємовигідних двосторонніх відносин із країнами усього світу, включаючи Україну, з якою маємо спільні інтереси та цінності. […]

Під час візиту президента Зеленського наші дві країни підписали Угоду про стратегічне партнерство, яка має політичний, безпековий та комерційний виміри. Угода супроводжувалася меморандумом про взаєморозуміння, згідно з яким Сполучене Королівство потенційно може надати експортні кредити обсягом 2б5 мільярдів фунтів стерлінгів.

Це може допомогти стимулювати торгівлю на вигідних умовах. Окрім оборони та безпеки, ми передбачаємо, що частина цих коштів буде спрямована на такі пріоритетні сектори, як енергетика (відновлювана і атомна); охорона здоров’я та фармацевтика; агротех; високі технології; інфраструктура. І це лише частина можливих напрямків зростання!

Я хотіла б, щоб українці мали більше можливостей насолоджуватися чудовими британськими товарами, модою, їжею та напоями. […] Сфера послуг також дуже важлива у співпраці двох країн. […]

Мова не лише про можливості для британських товарів, але й про взаємну торгівлю. Не забувайте, що 98% українських товарів мають можливість доступу на ринок Сполученого Королівства без тарифів і квот.

У 2019 році двосторонній товарообіг Британії та України становив 1,5 мільярда фунтів стерлінгів. І хоча минулого року він зменшився через пандемію COVID-19, проте наявність значного інтересу до товарів один одного, а також величезний потенціал для зростання торгівлі більш ніж очевидні.

Я вважаю, що зараз в історії наших двох країн настав момент, коли ми маємо майже безмежні можливості – політичні, економічні та безпекові, – аби піднести наші відносини на вищий рівень. Я твердо вирішила зробити все, що в моїх силах, аби допомогти реалізувати ці можливості. Вже зараз я перебуваю в тісному контакті з послами наших країн у Лондоні та Києві.

Я з нетерпінням чекаю на день, коли обмеження, продиктовані пандемією, зможуть скасувати та я нарешті матиму змогу відвідати вашу чудову країну. Востаннє я бувала в Україні ще в підлітковому віці й відчуваю, що час для мого повернення давно настав!

Європейська правда



1. F 2.T 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. T 7. F

Use of English

Task 1

1. B.

2. A

3. D

4. A

5. D

6. A

7. B

8. B

9. C

Task 2.

10. haven’t spoken to Jack for

11. would have never learnt

12. you mind if I bring/ me brining/ my brining

13. unless you go through

14. should be accompanied by

15. asked me if/whether I worked/work


1. E

2. A

3. H

4. I

5. C

6. D

7. F